Elected Officials

As an elected official, you’re tasked with doing what’s in the best interest of your constituents. Whether you serve as a state governor, insurance commissioner, member of Congress or otherwise, it’s important you understand the facts about annuities. AnnuRetirement and the Coalition for Annuity Awareness can help provide you with the information you need to make more informed decisions that protect the product; the industry professionals who create, wholesale, sell and support them; and ultimately, the consumer.

Educational Materials and Resources


Draft of Proclamation Language
The following language, or a version of this language, has been adopted by 15 states across the country declaring June as Annuity Awareness Month. If you’re interested in issuing a proclamation in your state, please consider using this version as a basis for your draft.

We Love Fixed Annuities

We LOVE Fixed Annuities
The distribution of reliable, factual information about annuities is critical in our efforts to ensure consumers can confidently prepare for retirement. This flier highlights key statistics and features of these products that readers can use to increase their knowledge and awareness of fixed annuity benefits.