Today’s consumers face a difficult challenge in preparing for retirement. We’re living longer, working later in life and having to take on the lion’s share of our own planning efforts. With so much information about financial products and strategies readily available online and in the media, it can be difficult to cut through the clutter and identify fact from fiction. It can also be difficult to create a plan that matches your risk tolerance, keeps up with significant life changes you experience over time, and makes certain your financial goals and objectives will be met.

Annuities can play a critical role in helping individuals successfully prepare for their golden years. In fact, according to a recent report from the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, 73% of annuity owners are confident about their retirement readiness compared to just 64% of those who don’t own an annuity.1 Yet, it is critical that factual, unbiased information about how these products work is made available to consumers for free. The Coalition has put together a sampling of materials below you can use to better understand how these products may fit into your portfolio. Then, we encourage you to seek help from a licensed, trusted professional in your area to solidify your plans for retirement.

1 LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute The Differences They Make: An Advisor, An Annuity or A Formal Plan in a Retiree’s Life, issued Feb. 20, 2018. Available online here.

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Whitepapers and Fliers

Guide to Fixed Index Annuity Basics American Equity
Better understand how fixed index annuities work to provide ongoing financial stability.

Should I Buy an Income Annuity? CANNEX
See the trade-offs of receiving income from an annuity versus the estate you leave.

What Is My Return with an Income Annuity? CANNEX
This interactive analysis graphs the return of an income annuity against your longevity.

7 Reasons to Consider Annuities in 2022 NAFA
Help consumers learn how to take control of their finances and their futures by putting fixed annuities in their retirement toolbox with this informational flier.

The Fixed Annuity Umbrella NAFA
Dispel confusion about how fixed indexed annuities and declared rate annuities differ.

Facts About Annuities: How Will I Get Income from My Annuity? NAFA
Withdrawal benefits, income riders and annuitization provide income from an annuity.

Facts About Annuities: How Can I Protect Against Fraud When Buying a Fixed Annuity? NAFA
Safeguard your nest egg from scams and ensure the annuity you purchase is suitable.

Facts About Annuities: Is My Annuity Protected If My Insurance Company Fails? NAFA
Consumers can be confident fixed annuities are protected by state guaranty associations.

We LOVE Fixed Annuities NAFA
Check out a simple summary of the most loved annuity features, statistics and benefits.

Fixed Indexed Annuities – Your Questions Answered NAFA
Feel confident in your retirement plans by getting the facts about fixed indexed annuities.

Building Retirement Confidence with Annuities NAFA
People who own annuities enjoy many benefits, including retirement preparedness and more.

Annuities Language Glossary Nationwide
Demystify the language used to describe annuities and their features with this glossary.

Be Out Living Your Life, Not Outliving Your Savings: Discover the Value of an Annuity Nationwide
To determine whether an annuity is right for you, learn about its features and benefits.

Immediate Annuities Nationwide
An immediate annuity converts a lump sum contribution into a guaranteed stream of income.

Fixed Annuities Nationwide
With fixed annuities, the principal investment and interest rate are guaranteed.

Fixed Index Annuities Nationwide
Get a product with growth potential while mitigating risk using fixed index annuities.

Variable Annuities Nationwide
Unlike fixed annuities, variable annuity performance is driven by market ups and downs.

Annuity Riders and Features Nationwide
Tailor your coverage with optional features, called riders, built in or for an additional cost.

Volatility Survival Guide North American
Build confidence when faced with a potential bear market by using fixed indexed annuities.

Your Guide to Rollovers North American
Learn how an annuity rollover might meet your needs for an independent retirement plan.

5 Fixed Indexed Annuity Myths Busted! Athene
Learn why you might consider a fixed indexed annuity and debunk common annuity myths.

Fixed Indexed Annuities — A Powerful Combination of Protection and Potential   Athene
A fixed indexed annuity in your portfolio may help you transition from saving to safety.

The “What-Ifs” of Retirement Athene
Dispel common misconceptions about fixed indexed annuities and learn the benefits.

Defusing the Top 4 Retirement Risks with a Fixed Indexed Annuity Athene
Discover how to address four common risks for a financially secure retirement.

Leaving Behind a Legacy Athene
Learn how annuity death benefit provisions can provide a legacy for loved ones.


Understanding Annuity Basics — How Do Annuities Work? American Equity
Watch this three-minute summary of how an annuity might work in your retirement plan.

ACLI Explains Annuities ACLI
Learn about annuities and why more people are turning to them for retirement income.

Variable Annuities Nationwide
Find out how a variable annuity can be used to create lasting income for your retirement.

Annuity Education Nationwide
Learn about annuities and how they can allow you to go out and live rather than outlive your income.

Fixed Indexed Annuities Nationwide
Learn how fixed indexed annuities can protect a retiree’s nest egg while providing opportunity for growth.

Immediate Annuities Nationwide
Disover how an immediate annuity converts a lump sum into a stream of guaranteed, consistent income.

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