National Annuity Awareness Month is the time to spread the love for annuities! To do that, the Coalition for Annuity Awareness has compiled a variety of materials to educate consumers, elected officials and financial professionals on the unique features and benefits of annuities in a retirement portfolio. Use any or all of the items below to educate yourself and help spread the word to others!

7 Reasons to Consider Annuities in 2022 NAFA
Help consumers learn how to take control of their finances and their futures by putting fixed annuities in their retirement toolbox with this informational flier.

The Fixed Annuity Umbrella NAFA
Dispel confusion about how fixed indexed annuities and declared rate annuities differ.

We LOVE Fixed Annuities NAFA
Check out a simple summary of the most loved annuity features, statistics and benefits.

If an Annuity Was an Animal, What Would It Be?
Enjoy educating yourself and others about the beauty of fixed annuities and their ability to help Americans secure their retirement future through this creative coloring book. Customize pg. 2 to your business and print the booklet.

Avoiding 8 Major Roadblocks to a Secure Retirement FOR ADVISOR USE ONLY.
Schedule a seminar or webinar using this presentation and script about retirement planning pitfalls and how annuities can help alleviate worry. Add your contact information.

FIA Education Series
NAFA in partnership with CANNEX
These informational whitepapers explain various aspects of fixed indexed annuities. Learn about cap strategy, participation rate and more in these helpful guides.

The ABCs Everyone Planning for Retirement Must Know
Available in three colorful 16″x20″ designs, these posters are perfect for hanging in your office or distributing to agents. Thanks to ALLPRO Printing, you can order your copy for just $15 >>

Social Media Graphics
Perfect for sharing on social media, these graphics include facts and stats about annuities and retirement that can help you start conversations about planning for the future. To download, right click on images and select Save As.

We Love Annuities stickers
Show how much you love annuities by printing custom stickers that you can wear and share with pride. Share photos of your stickers with tag #WeLoveAnnuities! Printing instructions »

National Annuity Awareness Month Zoom backgrounds
Show your colleagues and clients that you’re participating in National Annuity Awareness Month by using one of these Zoom backgrounds on your next call or webinar.

National Annuity Awareness Month social media profile frame
Use this frame on your social media profiles in June to show your connections that you’re a supporter of National Annuity Awareness Month.