Iowa declares June Annuity Awareness Month

Governor declares June 2015 Annuity Awareness Month in Iowa

After months of preparation, the Coalition’s efforts to obtain proclamations declaring Annuity Awareness Month in each state are paying off. Coalition members NAFA, Circle Sideways and Wink worked together to submit an official request in the State of Iowa to Governor Terry Branstad on Wednesday, April 15. On April 21, Sheryl Moore, president of Wink, received word from the Office of the Governor that the proclamation has been drafted and approved.

Previously, NAFA and Circle Sideways prepared two mailings that went out to governors of each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the four U.S. territories. These packets included NAFA’s popular “We Love Fixed Annuities” flier, a sample of the preferred proclamation language, and a letter highlighting the need for education and awareness of the features and benefits of annuities for consumers, elected officials and industry professionals alike. In addition to working with those states that responded to the mailings, Coalition members are submitting requests online to various other governors.

With so many carriers, IMOs, and distribution and support businesses located in the state, it is fitting to have Iowa helping lead the Annuity Awareness Month charge. At a date to be determined, Ms. Moore will be invited to attend a formal signing ceremony at the Capitol. We’ll provide photos and an update of the event soon. Meanwhile, as Iowa continues to pioneer progress in the insurance industry, we hope that many other states will follow suit. Keep checking the map to view which states are proclaiming June 2015 as Annuity Awareness Month in the weeks to come!