Elected Officials

As an elected official, you’re tasked with doing what’s in the best interest of your constituents. Whether you serve as a state governor, insurance commissioner, member of Congress or otherwise, it’s important you understand the facts about annuities. AnnuRetirement and the Coalition for Annuity Awareness can help provide you with the information you need to make more informed decisions that protect the product; the industry professionals who create, wholesale, sell and support them; and ultimately, the consumer.

Educational Materials and Resources

Draft of Proclamation Language NAFA
If you’re interested in issuing a proclamation in your state, consider using this language.

7 Reasons to Consider Annuities in 2022 NAFA
Help consumers learn how to take control of their finances and their futures by putting fixed annuities in their retirement toolbox with this informational flier.

We LOVE Fixed Annuities NAFA
Check out a simple summary of the most loved annuity features, statistics and benefits.

The Fixed Annuity Umbrella NAFA
Dispel confusion about how fixed indexed annuities and declared rate annuities differ.

Be Out Living Your Life, Not Outliving Your Savings: Discover the Value of an Annuity Nationwide
To determine whether an annuity is right for you, learn about its features and benefits.

5 Fixed Indexed Annuity Myths Busted! Athene
According to the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, the more knowledge consumers have about annuities, the more they like them. To determine if a fixed indexed annuity is right for a specific financial situation, it’s important consumers have full knowledge of how they work and how they may fit into an overall retirement plan. Understanding some common misconceptions about these unique financial products is a step in that direction.

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